Sending Money

Our procedures for sending money are simple and convenient:

You can either send money online by going to our secured website and complete the send procedure online and pay by Debit/Credit Card or you could visit any one of our offices or agent locations. Please view list of our Agents on our website and follow the under mentioned procedure:

  1. Fill out a "Transaction Order Form" (available in our offices), please ensure you have your ID ready for verification, regardless of the amount (Government Issued ID cards such as Driving license, Passports, etc are acceptable).
  2. You can choose the country of the receiver and in some cases the specific city the receiver should pick the money from.
  3. Make payment in the amount you want to send plus appropriate fee.

    We accept the following methods of payment:

        • Cash (some restrictions may apply).
  4. Receive your receipt and Code.
  5. Share your Code (s) only with the person picking the money.

Receiving Money

Our procedures for receiving money are even easier:

  1. Visit the payment Center nearest to you or as specified by the sender.
  2. Fill out a "Receive Money Form".
  3. Present your picture identification (government issued ID Card).
  4. Receive your money instantly.